Can These Student Loans be Forgiven?

Are there any forgiveness or discharge programs available for graduates mired in debt?

A reader of Ask NJ Money Help asked:

I’m trying to help a 44-year-old who has more than $140,000 in student loans. She is currently employed at $17.50 an hour in a retail position – not her college field – and she’s been paying down on the loans since graduation based on her ability to repay. At this rate, she will be 66 before payments are over. She lives with a parent and can’t afford her own apartment. Are there any forgiveness or discharge that could help?
— A friend

This is an all too common story. A college student takes on many thousands of dollars in debt, hoping to land their dream job, yet they never work in their field of study.

This article, published on, discusses some options: Can These Student Loans Be Forgiven?

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