Ongoing Monitoring Services to Advance Your Financial Plan

At EKS Associates,  we are privileged to enjoy long-term relationships with our clients. We look forward to working closely with our clients to help achieve their long-term financial goals.

Year-Round Monitoring and Financial Advice, Packaged to Meet Your Needs

Change is inevitable. We expect your personal lives and desires to shift. We know the economy will swing and tax laws change constantly. This is why your financial plan is meant to be a dynamic document, flexible enough to accommodate life’s transitions.

The First Step in Financial Planning

The first step in financial planning is the creation and implementation of the financial plan itself.

In order to remain effective over the long term, ongoing monitoring and periodic rebalancing is critical. This is where our follow-up service offerings become important. We offer two distinct service models to meet individual needs, as people enjoy different levels of hands-on support. It is important to note that both service models are offered as fee-only service offerings. We do not accept commissions from third parties and your fee is never contingent upon the size of your portfolio.

Ongoing Monitoring of Your Financial Plan, Designed to Help You Succeed

EKS Associates serves a client base eager to align their life goals with their financial goals. Our commitment and structured approach to comprehensive financial life planning helps clients to feel confident about their financial future. To determine which follow-up service offering is right for you, contact us.

Two Distinct Service Models to Meet Your Needs

The Retainer Program

The Retainer Program is the most personal and hands-on approach we offer. It includes active management and ongoing monitoring of a client’s financial plan and investment portfolio.

Retainer clients benefit from quarterly face-to-face meetings where we review a tailored package that includes the following:

  • Quarterly investment reports
  • Synopsis of key topics discussed during or since our last meeting
  • Recommendations for rebalancing or repositioning investments
  • Economic outlook
  • Commentary about timely financial matters
  • Copies of relevant financial articles written by our advisors and published in local and national publications

As needed, we revisit the different areas of a financial plan, such as your retirement plan goals, cash flow requirements, insurance needs, family wealth planning desires, and more. This ensures your financial plan can adapt to changes in your life and remains aligned with your goals.

The Semi-Annual Update Program

The Semi-Annual Update Program includes two meetings during the year.

The first meeting, held six months after the financial plan is implemented, acts as a Mid-Year Review of your cash flow plan and investment plan, and includes performance reporting and rebalancing the portfolio if needed.

The second meeting is a review and update of your comprehensive financial plan.  We review your investment plan, asset allocation, and performance. At this meeting we discuss the following:

  • Have any of your goals changed?
  • Has your life changed in any way (change in employment, cash flow needs, etc.)?
  • Are your insurance needs being met?
  • Are all critical estate planning documents in place and up-to-date?

Following each meeting, we send you a formal written report that summarizes our discussion and outlines specific recommendations for each area of the financial plan that we addressed. Once you have had a chance to review it and ask any questions you may have, we will handle the implementation.

Learn More About Our Services

The financial plans we develop are comprehensive and designed to help you achieve and maintain financial independence. The plan is driven by your needs and goals.

Request a discovery call today. Share your priorities and concerns with us. We welcome the opportunity to explain our approach. You will clearly see how our fee-only financial planning process can help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

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