Our Approach to
Fee-Only Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial life planning goes far beyond investment management and retirement planning. We implement a holistic approach that begins by listening to what you want to achieve in your lifetime, both your financial and non-financial (personal) goals. We then follow a proven six-step process that guides you to becoming financially independent, living the life you choose.

A Comprehensive Fee-Only Approach You Can Trust

Our fee-only approach provides peace of mind that every recommendation is based solely on what is appropriate for you. Our advice is never motivated by commissions. In addition, the comprehensive nature of your plan ensures you will receive a clear picture of where you stand financially today and offer you direction and discipline to help you achieve your dreams.

Six Steps to Help You Achieve (and Maintain) Financial Independence

Establish Goals

At our first planning meeting, we ask questions to determine what is most important to you. Understanding your short-term and long-term goals is essential to building an appropriate plan. We also explore your values and risk tolerance to ensure you are comfortable with the plan recommendations.

Gather Data

We review the Fact Finder and supporting documents you provide – such as investment statements, wills, and insurance policies – to ensure we have everything we need to develop your comprehensive plan.

Analyze Data and Develop Plan

Our comprehensive analysis includes reviewing your current and future cash flow needs, making a retirement projection, and evaluating tax-saving opportunities. We also look at your insurances, discuss your estate planning needs, and address education planning if needed. Finally, we assess your investment portfolio to ensure it – along with the other items mentioned above – is aligned with your stated goals. Any gaps throughout these areas are addressed inside your comprehensive financial life plan.

The comprehensive analysis includes reviewing your current and future cash flow, retirement projection, taxes, insurance, estate plan, education planning, and investment portfolio.

Present Your Comprehensive Plan

You receive your comprehensive financial life plan in this second planning meeting. Your advisor will explain each recommendation and related action item. “What if” scenarios may be discussed so that you have options to consider if your goals are uncertain.
Included in the financial plan are the following:

  • Net worth statement
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Retirement projection showing how long money will last
  • Analysis of current investment portfolio
  • Additional reports as appropriate
Implement Plan

Once you are comfortable with the financial plan and priorities have been set, implementation begins. 

Monitor Plan

We monitor the plan’s performance against your goals. As your financial advisors, we are available to meet with you, make new plan recommendations, and rebalance your portfolio as needed to ensure your goals continue to be met. 

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Six Steps to Help You Achieve (and Maintain) Financial Independence

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The financial plans we develop are comprehensive and designed to help you achieve and maintain financial independence. The plan is driven by your needs and goals.

Request a discovery call today. Share your priorities and concerns with us. We welcome the opportunity to explain our approach. You will clearly see how our fee-only financial planning process can help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

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