How Best to Fund Cash Needs in Retirement (In Person!)

Learn how to fund your cash needs in retirement. This virtual Princeton Adult School class promises to be informative, providing actionable retirement planning and financial planning guidance.

Do you have a plan to fund your cash needs in retirement?

Back by popular demand, EKS Associates’ senior wealth advisors Howard Hook and Darren Zagarola, are once again offering their three-week course – How Best to Fund Cash Needs in Retirement – at the Princeton Adult School. If you or someone you know is struggling to fund cash needs in retirement, this course will help.

Most people are taught to save for retirement from an early age. Saving as much as you can in tax-favored accounts has always been sound advice. However, in retirement, you will be faced with more choices and less clear answers.

When do I collect Social Security? What pension option should I select? Which accounts should I use to fund my cash needs?

These questions are hard to answer and can impact the likelihood your money will last throughout retirement. Add in the risk of higher inflation, living longer, and higher income taxes to already confusing choices and many people are left paralyzed and make the wrong choices.

As fee-only financial planners, EKS Associates answers these questions for their clients and builds strategies into a comprehensive financial plan. This is an opportunity to meet the senior wealth advisors and hear their advice.

Join Howard Hook and Darren Zagarola for their three-week course to help you navigate through and plan for meeting your cash flow needs during retirement.

This three-week course will be held on Tuesday, February 21, February 28, and March 7.

6:30-8:30 p.m.

Princeton High School

Visit the Princeton Adult School website to register.

This class is over, but it may return to the Princeton Adult School in the spring. Stay tuned!

Please contact us if you are interested in having this class presented to your organization. Also, visit our Financial Planning Seminars page to explore the other courses we have presented. We are happy to customize a financial planning seminar for your school, organization, or community group.

About the Princeton Adult School

The Princeton Adult School has an outstanding reputation for providing informative and exciting courses throughout the year. Our wealth advisors volunteer their time every semester, offering courses on a variety of financial planning, retirement planning, and investment topics.

While COVID-19 has caused significant disruptions throughout our world, the Princeton Adult School is moving forward with its goal of providing a wide variety of classes and lectures, offered by the highest quality instructors. Only the method of how they deliver these classes and lectures has changed. The Fall 2020 semester marked the first time in more than 80 years of schooling that the Princeton Adult School offered classes virtually. It was a resounding success, as it fostered the feeling of community that adult students look forward to while furthering their many interests.

The members of the Princeton Adult School board and staff have worked hard to select a wide range of exciting courses and timely lectures they hope will interest and inspire you. EKS Advisors Darren Zagarola and Howard Hook are honored to be part of another powerful semester.

In addition, we encourage you to browse the Princeton Adult School catalog for other courses you may be interested in.

  • Learn to paint, draw, and even doodle.
  • Discover how to make mushroom risotto or fresh mozzarella in your own kitchen with the help of a live chef.
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  • Plan next year’s landscape with the help of a Master Gardener offering gardening classes.
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  • Learn to speak one (or more) of seven languages.

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